The LMR Group


The LMR Group was created by the sum of its member's individual expertise in the corporate businesses, mining, gemstones, market evaluation, marketing, legal counsel and AML & ESG compliance.

ERLU DE SOUSA RAMOS is our "Indiana Jones", close to the source of the best Brazilian gemstones. He's the CEO of Victory7 Corporation in João Pessoa (State of Paraíba, Brazil).

LEANDRO FARRE is the CEO of the renowned Casa do Churro (House of Churro). His family is at the origin of the famous unique and tasty Maça do Amor ("Love Apple") in São Paulo. He's the LMR Group's corporate business expert.

MARCELLO GARCIA is the CEO of Real Deal Brazil Group (São Paulo), and is the LMR Group's mining and new businesses consulting.

RICHARD W. SANCHEZ is the LMR Group's market and communication expert. He is the CEO of Moriah International, Inc., in Doral, Florida (USA).

ROBERTO BEDRIKOW is the LMR Group's legal counsel and AML & ESG compliance expert, based in Geneva, Switzerland.